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Alpinarium Galtür – Experience-oriented museum with exhibits, panorama café, bouldering wall, conference location

Alpinarium Galtür is a special kind of museum and it is simultaneously a core element of the 345 metre long, 19 metre high defence wall. It is this combination that makes Alpinarium Galtür and its architecture one-of-a-kind in Europe. From the roof-top platform you get to enjoy a 360° panorama around Galtür and its mountains and you get to see the defence wall to its full extent.

Galtür exhibition – 'Up high'

The latest long-term exhibition looks at the town of Galtür in relation to the rest of the world. Where the end and the start, or the middle, of the world are located is fundamentally a matter of perspective. Does the valley end in Galtür or is that where it begins? The exhibition highlights the different ways of interpretation from a cultural historic, philosophical and geographic viewpoint. Based on contrasting concepts, such as start and end, top and bottom and the constant presence of the antagonists of nature, we reveal Galtür’s connection to the world using stories and strong images.

For bookworms there is the ‘ZUM LESA’ library, the café with its sun terrace and breath-taking views from panoramic windows allure too. Those who enjoy being active can intensify their mountain experience on the indoor bouldering wall. And last but not least there is an auditorium which provides state-of-the-art seminar technology.

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